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Bat Removal in Raleigh and Durham Are you looking for bat removal companie in Raleigh, NC? Learn more about bats in the attic, dangers & disease and the process of removing them safely including bat exclusion laws in North Carolina. Identifying Bats Bats are some of the most misinterpreted wildlife. When it comes to environmental benefits, bats do not receive a lot of credit. However, they serve as pollinators, seed-dispersers and help to control pests. North America is home to 45 species of bats, three of which are common in the Triangle area. Using echolocation or bio sonar, bats can find their way into the tiniest spaces. These mammals are mysterious in appearance and typically are only seen at night. They are often feared by humans, which contributes to threats to their population worldwide. Bats in the Triangle are known to form colonies in their chosen roosting areas. While in search of dark and quiet places to raise their young, bats are known to invade attics in the summertime. Each species of bat is unique and poses its own challenge for people. Critter Control of the Triangle is the expert in Raleigh, Durham and the surrounding